Training is provided at 3 levels from Beginners to Trialling.  


Starts the first Monday of every month except January. 
Commences at 6.45pm.


Commences at 6.45pm
This is an information session when you will be given an overiew of the
training, some training tips to get you started, information about how the
training works


Commences at 6.45pm
Basics of getting your dogs attention. How to teach exercises How to live
with your dog as pack leader and basic commands sit heel stand drop

Class 1

Commences 6.45pm every Monday night.
Progresses to automatic sit on halt change of pace, sit, down and stays, stand for examination, circles, left, right and pivot turns, the finish exercise.

Class 2

7:45pm every Monday night.

Progresses to , 
Increased time and distance stays, dog to be working with handler and paying
attention most of the time,  able to do stand for examination on lead,
recall off lead, start heeling off lead, extended recall stay, This class begins to
work to trialing standard.

Ring Run Outs

For people ready to start trial training

Trick Training

Commences 7:45pm every Monday night
Training for new Trick Trial Competitions 


Training is provided every Wednesday night  Foundation to competition.

Classes Commences 6:30pm Wednesday night.

Foundation Email us for the next start date

For beginners this class provides the essential grounding for future agility
exercises and introduces a number of core behaviours that are essential for
safe and effective agility handling. Need to be equivalent to Class 2 Obedience

Equipment Class

For Foundation Class graduates – this class leads on from basic skills and
introduces the core obstacles in a controlled environment.

Trial class

Following on from equipment, handlers build and navigate basic courses to
beginning competition level.